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I had a CAR raised at audit, where do I find details of what needs to be provided to my auditor, and what timeframe do I have to get it to them?

July 15, 2015

The auditor that completed your Freshcare audit will leave you with (or provide within a few days) a copy of your audit report and details […]

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I completed a Freshcare audit last week, when do I get my certificate?

Freshcare Certification Bodies have 10 business days to report a Freshcare audit. Certificates are issued within 10 business days once certification is achieved Freshcare certificates […]

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I need to update my postal address and contact details, who should I notify?

FreshcareOnline provides Freshcare participating businesses with the ability to view and update their contact details. By logging into FreshcareOnline and updating your details you have […]

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I have accessed FreshcareOnline previously but cannot remember my logon details, where can I find this information?

Your logon details to FreshcareOnline are sent out with the original welcome pack you receive once your business has been registered with Freshcare (either via […]

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Can I use the Freshcare logo on my boxes, packs or website / other promotional materials?

Only Freshcare certified businesses can utilise the Freshcare certification mark of the program they are certified to, such as FSQ or ENV. Please refer to […]

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I have an additional business that requires separate Freshcare Certification. How do I go about achieving Freshcare Certification this business and what are the costs?

If the second business is operating separately to the existing business registered with Freshcare, you will be required to register the additional business by completing […]

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