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If I am new to Freshcare do I go straight to FSQ4.2?

November 24, 2020

Yes, new businesses will be able to undertake training and access resources to the FSQ4.2 Standard. Training is available via the Freshcare Trainer network or […]

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What if I need assistance with the update to FSQ4.2?

If you require any assistance with the changes to the FSQ4.2 Standard, please contact the Freshcare Office on 1300 853 508 or email [email protected] The Freshcare Trainer network […]

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Why has Freshcare updated the Standard to FSQ4.2?

In 2019, Freshcare was benchmarked against the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), to ensure ongoing domestic and global market acceptance of the Freshcare Standards. The […]

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How do I access the FSQ4.2 Standard and Resources?

The FSQ4.2 Standard and supporting resources including record keeping forms and factsheets can be freely downloaded from the Freshcare website: Additional resources are available to […]

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If I was last audited to FSQ4, can I update straight to FSQ4.1?

Depending on your audit cycle, some businesses could progress straight from FSQ4 to a re-certification audit to FSQ4.2. If this applies to you and your […]

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I have my own forms can I continue to use them?

November 9, 2020

It is not mandatory to use the Freshcare Form templates however, they are prepared to assist businesses in ensuring all required information as specified in […]

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What if I just purchased FSQ4.1 resources and FSQ4.2 is released?

Any business that has purchased a hard-copy of the FSQ4.1 Manual from the Freshcare eStore, you will be sent the FSQ4.2 insert pages via post, […]

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What if I’m currently enrolled in a FSQ4.1 course on eLearning?

Trainees who are currently enrolled in the FSQ4.1 full course or FSQ4.1 transition course with Freshcare eLearning, will have an FSQ4.2 module linked to their […]

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What has changed in the update to FSQ4.2?

Specific changes in the FSQ4.2 Standard are outlined in the Transition Guide and can be identified in italics in the Standard. The changes in summary […]

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I have more than one growing site, and the rules tell me these all must be registered, why did the rules change?

July 10, 2019

The Freshcare Rules around the application of a business to be certified to a Freshcare Standard and the requirement for all sites to be listed […]

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