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What is a management review?

July 10, 2019

A Management Review is a formal, structured meeting which involves owners and/or senior managers of the business and takes place at regular intervals throughout the […]

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What is an incident management plan?

Incident management planning will help detail the steps to be taken before, during and after an incident or event to maintain the financial viability of […]

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Who is JASANZ and how does this impact Freshcare?

JASANZ (Joint Accreditation System Australia New Zealand) is an accreditation body. JAS-ANZ accreditation sends a clear message. It says your Certification Body can be counted […]

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What does Freshcare FSQ training cover?

August 31, 2015

Freshcare FSQ training introduces the key areas of food safety risk on-farm and allows you to apply these to your own operations, the training provides […]

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I grow various crops as specified in my scope for Freshcare FSQ Certification. Do I have to have a residue test completed for each crop type?

The Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard requires each participating business to have an annual broad spectrum chemical residue test conducted by a NATA-accredited laboratory […]

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I grow different varieties of mandarins, and my customer requires a residue test on each variety. I’m looking at arranging to have a composite residue test undertaken. Does Freshcare accept composite residue test results?

Freshcare does accept composite residue test results, providing the test is a broad spectrum screen and has been conducted by an appropriate NATA – accredited […]

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What chemical users training course is acceptable for Freshcare?

August 2, 2015

Freshcare requires the following national competencies to be included in all chemical user training qualifications: AHCCHM303 – Prepare and apply chemicals AHCCHM304 – Transport and […]

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